the GRAND love.

there is a lot of talk about the kinds of love which pass through our lives-the first love, the real love, the soulmate love and many more kinds of beautiful loves. Today i want to add to this list another slightly less glamorous love. When we come into this world, our parents are thrilled beyond belief, but the people who give us love with abandon, without restrain, without questioning us are the people who brought our parents into this world. To turn our back on their love is denying ourselves a source of comfort. There is the grand gesture and then there is the grand love. Today lets love them.

the GRAND love.

3 thoughts on “the GRAND love.

  1. ~meyum & a half~ says:

    yes and its really sad that we hardly do that…and keep running after everything that has conditions upon conditions..

  2. S@ni says:

    well said,infact somthing very true,but what if u dont hav them wid u nymore,none of them,God now i really realise how important they r,their presence,love nd alll.
    i wish i was given achance to spend som more time wid them.

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