Tuesdays with inspiration

There are days when you wake up thrilled. You rush through your breakfast because you feel that air of inspiration. You know it’s one of those lucky days when you can feel yourself open to all possibilities. You want to be inspired. Today turned out out to be one of those. I spent a couple of hours just browsing through my favourite sites, wandering through different links, finding myself in other amazing sites and just soaking it all in.

Thought i would share some of what i saw.


I thought this was lovely-A magazine garland. Found it here


This garland is from down to the woods, and they say they are wholesalers of whimsy. i loved that.

I also came across a very interesting artist Dana Tanamachi who is a custom chalk letterer. How amazing is that. She creates beautiful typographic marvels with chalk.


For more of her work visit her website. She also records her process with time-lapse videos. It is quite fascinating to watch. One to watch right here.

some eclectic spaces photographed by the selby.












Tuesdays with inspiration