of bottles lusted after.


As designers we are forever plagued by this incessant itch- the itch to look, observe, analyse, judge, store away as inspiration or discard contemptuously as un-designed, ho hum, not-worthy-of-our-time hoo haa. This itch becomes dulled in our regular routines with our regular daily meanderings and regular city discoveries.  Move away from your comfort zone though and it comes back maddeningly strong, completely desperate for a scratch.

Holidays mean our brains are going to be particularly overloaded.  Do we walk about enjoying the general environment or do we stop and stare at something as simple as building signage; stare till your companions think you to be a bit mad? Do we walk away happy to have witnessed this design blurb or do we madly scrounge for our camera so we can capture it and then spend the rest of the day imagining future projects of a similar design nature?

Moving to a new city then is holiday times 12.  We dont know the streets, we dont know the design styles, therefore we must be even more observant (as if there was such a thing) we must walk around armed with our notebook, our camera and our 8 senses ( didnt you know designers have more than 6 senses?) all the while frustrating our spouses/friends/siblings at our sheer inability to just walk about without commenting, thinking, arguing fonts & being a designer!

Being in dubai almost 9 months now, means i have had my moments of now-you-see-it-now-you-dont camera moves.  I have stored many many little ideas away for posterity. I have oohed and aahed over many arabic fonts (the simplicity of the ones prevalent here is just brilliant) and sometimes i have also been known to secretly steal water bottles while enjoying thai entrees with friends. This bottle had been tempting me since i moved to dubai. Most of the formal dinner venues served these water bottles and as you watched in complete dismay, the serving staff would refill glasses and promptly take the bottle away.  This weekend though i involved a friend and under her watchful eye the bottle never ran out, and as we paid our bill, she swiftly took the bottle and walked out. 🙂  Such are the urges we get and obey we must.

of bottles lusted after.