Window Browsing

While enjoying my nightly blog browsing, i came across this graphic designer/illustrator who does a lot of hand lettering- with my love for hand written, and hand drawn type, i really enjoyed going through her work. She is Natalie Perkins.

More of her work is available for browsing here. Sometimes i think i am the laziest person around. I think, i plan, i imagine, i brainstorm, but then i forget and go on with daily things. Then i find these incredible people/artists online who are just so committed to their passions, their design- it’s not about the commercial projects necessarily, it’s about making their mark, even if it’s just for themselves. As a result you have many creative people, not waiting for some client to provide them with an amazing creative opportunity (because that never happens) they go out and just create it anyway and put it up online. People visit, love it, interact, comment, and a little star is born.

One such online venture is a great magazine called blanket magazine. It is an online pdf art and design and photography magazine that aims to uncover emerging artists from around the world. Check it out.

My last lovely link is of a shop which promotes love, unabashedly.

These beautiful prints are available here.

Have fun with these. 🙂

Window Browsing