redrawing of boundaries-or losing them

after a certain number of years have passed, what are the rules of the game? the game being old relationships with class fellows? How much water must pass under the bridge for the slate to be wiped clean? though the issues were childish at best, do they take on magnificent proportions in retrospect-and should they?

A school reunion of sorts has brought to mind these questions, as posed in the minds of the random variables coming together today- the groups as they existed are no more- the boundaries of the cool group and the not-so-cool group have vanished, and sufficient things have been accomplished in life by everyone to not care about the past- I still see some not willing to let go, and start afresh- i still see some wanting to desperately maintain those circles drawn years ago.

I say whats more than a decade old doesnt need re-visiting- what happened when we were not half the people we are now, should not be held onto- we should take this as a new beginning and be prepared to be completely blown away by the class nerd, and not be surprised when the cynical bitchy girl from school hugs us so hard you know she has changed-

redrawing of boundaries-or losing them

lights, sound, traffic!

one of my favourite things to do POST 2am is stand on the roof and just stare at the traffic on main shahra-e-faisal-its almost hypnotic. the steady buzz of the cars, trucks, whooshing by-and then exactly 3 seconds of absolute quiet when that particular patch of the road has no traffic at all, when time stands still in those 3 seconds, when the signals close in a weird combination and catch all traffic in a wash of red-leaving us with a clean empty strip of grey.

yesterday those 3 seconds were longer than i have ever seen before- instead of the sudden burst of cars which used to rush by after the silence, yesterday there was a trickle of motorbikes, an odd rickshaw and then silence again-

karachi silent is not something i can ever swallow – its almost like going against nature.

i will maintain my nightly duty willing the city to become alive again-i will wish and hope for that rush of sounds, for those cars i used to abuse when i couldnt sleep.

because like all melodramatic women, once i am out of a relationship i want back in 🙂

lights, sound, traffic!

espress yourself

so much has already been said about the blogger meet up-
my favourite part was the sudden aha moment when i looked around, and felt a sense of accomplishment-a few randoms, a few predictables, and great conversation-also contrary to what my brother predicted, no awkward moments-
when people comment on my love for espresso, i always try and explain that for me its not about the coffee- its about the memories i have already formed there and the connections, sharing, that i know will take place there in the future- espresso has managed something no one else has quite so well. it almost begs friendships to develop, relationships to grow, and new connections to be made. the best part as sabeen said is that its our version of the local shop around the corner-
a quote which was a favourite amongst my group of friends while i was at indus-

-our souls remain hovering in places where we once enjoyed ourselves- khalil jibran

espresso, here’s to you

espress yourself