Little Parties.

My son turns 2 next week and i am having a party. Needless to say i have fete ideas on my mind. After hours on pinterest and browsing all the relevant blogs, i am more confused than ever before, because every inspired DIY craft or delectable birthday is more gorgeous than the next. How does one decide a theme and how does one shortlist elements for a party?

For now, i am just enjoying these. Have a great weekend.




Little Parties.

Inspired Tuesdays. Two heads are better than one.

Isnt that what they say? These days wherever i turn, people seem to be getting it on with fellow artists. The world seems to be ripe for collaborative design and that can only be a good thing. The IVS Alumni Association (my alma mater) is also gearing up for an alumni collective the theme of which is collaboration.

(design features images by Tapu Javeiri and Izdeyar Setna)

As a result i find myself constantly researching successful collaborations.

Recently i came across a brilliant project titled hellohead, which brought together 60 illustrators and designers at cargolondon. The object, devoting their work for autism and asperger syndrome. They raised funds for the National Autistic Society. 

The idea was to pair up people randomly and ask them to do a portrait of each other, via images shared. The results were fun and so wildly different that the prints were snapped up faster than you can pick up a pencil.

Next in line. A collusion.

Britain Creates 2012: Fashion + Art Collusion

In their words, ‘Commissioned as part of the London 2012 Festival, this display saw leading British fashion designers and visual artists collaborate in a ground-breaking series of works.Britain Creates 2012: Fashion + Art Collusion was an opportunity to acknowledge and promote the longstanding relationship between fashion and art, and a celebration of London’s role as a creative capital, a place where artists of all kinds congregate and inspire one another.The pairs were given a completely open brief to see what would emerge from the dialogue between their respective disciplines. The results encompassed sculpture, video, music and photography.’

This video illustrates it beautifully.

Another one here.
Britain creates images from here.

This swedish giant seems to be on a roll. One successful collaboration after the other. Juicy designs, great graphics, access to some brilliant designers via H&M. Lanvin, karl Lagerfeld, Marni, Anna Dello Russo and now the latest feature, launching on the 15th of November is with Maison Martin Margiela. The preview is out and it is seriously tempting stuff.

H&m MM collaboration images from here.

H&m Marni images from here.

Enjoy the rest of the week.

Inspired Tuesdays. Two heads are better than one.

Inspired Tuesdays- Guest Post : Sheeraz Wania

Associate Professor for Media and Design, a brilliant graphic designer, a mother and one of those teachers you remember forever, Sheeraz Wania is a force to reckon with. She continuously inspires, engages students in dialogue, continues the questions and pushes you to find the answers. I am very excited to feature her in the guest post series.
‘Being a designer at heart and a human being, I am inspired by a lot of things on a daily bases….. My kids, family, relationships, friends, students, my travels and discovering new fun places, seeing the exciting in the mundane, all have a definite exhilarating effect. But it is my passion for reading, for studying & teaching, for research; which inspires me at a completely another level.’
For a review of the book, go here.
For more inspiration Sheeraz style, check out her pinterest board.
Inspired Tuesdays- Guest Post : Sheeraz Wania