You have a group of friends, and you love that group. Each individual in that group has a role to play in your life. You wish and hope the group always remains, as it is. The idea of change seems almost scary-like you will lose your focus. What will you do? Then the dreaded change happens. Some of you evolve, revolve and move off onto another path. Some become part of a twosome and the dynamics change. Some of you stay, feeling lost and reaching out in the dark for something familiar to grab onto. Each of you has unwittingly gone down a road which takes you farther away from each other. You cry-nothing will ever be the same.

Slowly you learn to pick up the pieces, and tread on, walking, running.

Then there comes a new day- you wake up to a day of clarity. When you look around you see that some of you stuck it out together in the dark and those are the people you find you were holding onto while you waited for the night to end. Slowly you come to realize that some of you who didn’t make it were the ones whose future was not linked to yours- those who didn’t need you, were the ones who left. Out of the fog a few new faces appear, maybe they were always there, maybe they just joined in for the journey- it doesn’t matter. They were there for the worst and you know in your heart of hearts they are here to stay.

So what you see around you is a new group, made up of some old faces & some new, but most importantly in the new faces you see such knowledge of you that you stop for a second. You wonder how you didn’t see this before and you do a silent prayer that you saw it before it was too late. The group has changed but so have you.