sacred life: oh what a beautiful morning

what is it about mornings? they seem so full of promise and potential possiblities. its just blissfully relaxed.

well the morning is, but when you need to leave for work with your husband, get ready simultaneously, have breakfast and lock up the house, the morning vision seems to move far far away. Its like being given a glimpse of what life could be. thats when you momentarily wish you were not a career type, that you were also happy to be a committee/coffee morning woman with pristine manicures and well kept hair without emerging whites. I say this because thse days i have been suffering from a complex. i feel extremely un-groomed with my roots turning white,and my hair turning curly , and my face looking like i work, and my nails chipping away. this morning however AA and i decided to live in and go to work like lazy indulgent women. I sent hubby away and settled down to have tea with law and order (i dont even like law and order) i walked around the house randomly putting things away, opened all the curtains and let the air filter through, i sprayed cotton blossom and let the scent waft around. i did laundry with our new purchase-tide not surf-and our faithful comfort, and nearly collapsed in the deliciousness of the fresh laundry perfume. (note:i have been trying to acheive that perfect laundry smell of international quality hehe) after all this was done, i still had time to myself and i couldnt get enough of it.

what is it about mornings? they seem so full of promise and potential possiblities. its just blissfully relaxed.

sacred life: oh what a beautiful morning

sacred life


once in my life, i was getting married and my nephew came to stay-

he stayed 4 months in which he became the life of our house-

hearing his complete mad ramblings everyday was an absolute necessity

without which the day seemed incomplete-

then it was time for him to leave.

hey motoo we miss you.

sacred life

things that march brought.

10 things i cheered about.

1. family esp mommy

2. a big bed with a big headboard and a big tv

3. hubby who knew exactly what i needed at the time i needed it

4. 6 15 tea sessions with sisters

5. healthy parents

6. rediscovering nights of uninterrupted sleep

7. comforts of a new sofa with more space than i need

8. finding mental compatibility

9. a new season of desperate housewives

10. burst of creative inspiration (still to be acted upon)

things that march brought.