thought of the day

thought of the day

by james- i think i’ve got it.

i’ve got the love bug. i’m in love with james martin. i know he doesnt have that rough attractiveness of jamie oliver, nor the sexiness of nigella lawson, but he is just the cutest thing i ever saw. he talks so sweetly, and his desserts just leave me weak at the knees- deliciously simple, simply delectable, and all available online.

after 3 back to back episodes of sweet baby james- (that really is the name of the program, honest) i went rummaging in my fridge to find anything close to a blackberry delice or a lemon curd syllabub, but sadly i was all out of my james ingredients.  i thought about making a trek to the supermarket, but the husband made an appearance right then with the usual question- what’s cooking honey? and in not-so-sweet terms- sigh sweet baby james, where are you?

in the end i made pan-fried salmon with potato and rocket mash~ as you can see in the picture. turned out pretty good, but my craving for sweet baby james is still pretty alive and kicking.

toblerone maybe?

by james- i think i’ve got it.

looking back at 2009~in pictures july to december


brother's wedding & the fun that goes with it
festivities with family
absolutely amazing spending time with the cutest family member
dressing up, stepping out, the heat is on
at the end of an evening ~indulging with coffee with chocs


finally, the fascination for holland tunnel dawns upon me
in the midst of hustling bustling times square there is privacy
falling in love with manhattan in manhattan


rediscovering old friends


more family wedding~more family action on and off the field
the beauty and magic of mehndis
dancing away to our own tune


big day for sis~ mint at fashion week
catching up with sisters is just the best thing ever
relaxed breakfasts, photo moments & me being absolutely me
friday breakfasts in bed


december dinners, hanging with friends, entertaining at home

wintery weather & our favourite view
participating in a group show~alumni art collective
design high!
being new in a new place ~karaoke and fancy dress up
santa clausing
finally flowers make a steady appearance and the year ends
looking back at 2009~in pictures july to december

looking back at 2009~in pictures january to june

I saw this on penelope’s blog and thought it was a much needed idea. I have been very confused about 2009. What was it? How do i describe it? It was a year which i will always call the year of transition, perhaps it had changes which i still dont fully understand. Trying to write about it, didnt bear much fruit, so here is an attempt to illustrate it in images and maybe that will help in charting the path for 2010.


arriving in dubai, our first look at the area which would become home
one of the many cups of coffee we grabbed while apartment hunting
without a home, we practised food courting
and then finally, keys to a place to call our own


first visit back home, the pleasure of familiar faces
back in dubai, exploring it


developing our comfort zones, this would soon be our daily walk
discovering new recipes, trying out different cuisines
something as simple as an invite to a gallery opening makes you feel at so much at home
the start of friendtrips


the delights of setting up cozy corners
the rush of chance encounters- pedicure with a friend turns into an impromptu plan for an evening of musical drama
college friends, memories, and all that's happened


our first road trip to fujairah
lunches with siblings
mommy mommy-
raw life it is for sure


looking back at 2009~in pictures january to june