my beautiful cousin (july 2004) Posted by Picasa


Hey Saleha

No words. No thoughts. Just memories. From the rainy day in Lahore at 13 E, when she left as a child, to the nights of hysteria, gossip, bonding, last year. So much to sift through, too much to let go of, so many moments, a million and one questions-where do I start? Every second brings another rush of images and with it a sense of disbelief, almost of detachment. This cant be happening for sure. She, who none of us ever had any issues with, who we all loved, is gone.

Saleha, Salehaaaaa, wake up-I can hear Been calling out after a night we all stayed awake, Saleha Saleha, I can hear us imitating Been. We could never stop laughing at that. Saleha sitting at the dining table in 13 E, in her short hair, exactly ten years ago, about to leave for another life, another world. Saleha picking up the phone in Germantown, Hiiiii! Saleha trying to explain baaboo and his feelings, trying to understand sherry and his changes, trying to be there for both of them, while growing up quickly.

Where did that time go? What happened? How will we come to terms with this? No answers come to mind. All I can think is that our beautiful cousin is gone.
We love you Sal.

Hey Saleha