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Thursday Snippets

Hold that thought.

I heard about a young death today. Sudden. Unexpected. Unbelievable.
Family left wondering what happened and why. As we grow older and therefore wiser, how much of our life is spent doing things we truly want to do, spent with people we absolutely want to be with? If we were to suddenly stop living tomorrow, what would our regrets be? Actually no, more importantly and more frighteningly, if the person we think we can’t live without was to suddenly stop living tomorrow, what would we want to change?

I feel almost unable to breathe thinking of that eventuality. Makes me want to stop this stupid mundane cycle of trivialities we all fall into and really start focusing on my people, my life and theirs. It also makes me want to pass a declaration. The people I love are the people I love- regardless of the issues, the fights, the disagreements, the personality clashes, the moments of misunderstanding. I want to be done with the questioning or the analysis. These are the people and they mean the world to me. That is all that matters after 30 odd years of my life. They have all proven themselves at different times and that is more than what a lot of people have.

In these strange times, when young people are dying suddenly, or falling ill unexpectedly, I want to be thankful for each regular healthy day that I am blessed with. Life truly is too short, cliche or not, and we can’t take it for granted for a second. Take those holidays, party with your girls, love your husband to bits, unabashedly, over protect your kids till you can, cherish your parents, love their eccentricities and remember none of these special people will come back. Now is what you have.

Hold that thought.

Taking the first step

Somehow it seems fitting today to share this excerpt from a book i have been reading on and off, The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp. 

‘The first steps of a creative act are like groping in the dark; random and chaotic, feverish and fearful, a lot of busy-ness with no apparent or definable end in sight. There is nothing yet to research. For me, these moments are not pretty. I look like a desperate woman, tortured by the simple message thumping away in my head; “You need an idea.” It’s not enough for me to walk into a studio and start dancing, hoping that something good will come of my aimless cavorting on the studio floor. Creativity generally doesn’t work that way for me. (The rare times when it has stand out like April blizzards.)

You cant just dance or paint or write or sculpt. These are just verbs. You need a tangible idea to get you going. The idea, however minuscule, is what turns the verb into a noun-paint into a painting, sculpt into sculpture, write into writing, dance into a dance.’

To read some lessons from her book, click here.


Taking the first step

Stop thinking. Start doing.



Over the weekend I went to yet another successful and brilliant venture by Jamie Oliver, Recipease. You see it as you walk out of Notting Hill stAtion and head towards Portobello and it’s beautiful. Through the big windows you get a glimpse of the warm glow of pendant lights, fresh baking, bottles of jam stacked along with cookie mixes and people laughing over their delectable entrees. You walk in and the glow is there larger than before. Happy chefs and servers man carts full of bakery delights and other yummy treats you can buy, while big chalkboards announce the different recipes you can master by signing up for Jamie style cooking lessons.

Another restaurant, another concept, another resounding success. It feels right so you know it would elicit the same response from anyone and everyone.

It really made me think and I realized that was the problem. More thoughts, more acknowledged brilliance, more amazing entrepreneurs to be inspired by: no action. What is the difference that makes people like Jamie jump into venture after venture seemingly without too much overthought and some stop, question, second guess and procrastinate? Is it an urgency? A need to make something because you actually need to, and not because you have the luxury of wanting to? Or is it more than that ? What can we do differently to be more jamie and less, well, us?

The right idea, consistency, action, believing in your idea, working working working, and possessing the drive to perform, achieve, become something; when all these things come together great things happen.

Needless to say there are ways to go for that magic to happen, but till then lets blog!

Stop thinking. Start doing.

Thoughts on leaving Dubai.

It’s been almost a year since i left Dubai for the rainy pastures of london and to be quite plain, a lot has happened. Its been quietly eventful and though i don’t remember all the highs and lows I am going to attempt to put down some of my thoughts.

“So many of adult life’s ills come down to not having four friends with whom to gossip and weep living within a 2 minute radius.”Alain deBotton

We place so much unsaid importance on our circle of go-to-people that we forget how to live without them. If moving to dubai, saying goodbye to my childhood friends wasn’t traumatic enough, here i was bidding farewell to the new set of daily friends who were much much harder to come by. All of us away from family and original friends, all of us setting out on a brand new journey; falling in love with a new city, losing our heart to mini versions of ourselves, sharing motherhood and marriage adventures, partying on weekends, finding liberation in the form of easy, reliable childcare, discovering the wonders of 24 hour shopping, suhoor tents, shisha (whether you liked it or not) cabbing it home in the wee hours of the morning with the temperature still firmly above 40, instant messaging and planning, (whatcha up to? nothing? dubai mall?) feeling like life was truly ours to conquer. From there to london, where spontaneous popping over to see a friend was an alien concept, where there was no turning up for tea or coffee because your child was asleep and you felt like talking and where each weekend night you thought you wanted to do something, ended up with a sense of exhaustion just by imagining the logistical nightmare your night could end up as.

London has been like rehab almost. Learning to live without something which was so essential to life. Slowly i am beginning to find pleasure in other things and while they cant make up for a life filled with friends, maybe they will have to do for now.

“I’d like to think the best of me is still hiding up my sleeve” – John Mayer

Amazingly, London has inspired me more creatively in less than a year than dubai ever did in more than 4.  There is something in the air here. You step out of your house, take a few deep breaths and suddenly you feel alive, ready to think, dream, do. I know this is a huge blessing and i want to make sure i don’t let it go to waste. My mind whirls with ideas and i hope some of them at least materialize into new ventures. The realization that there is so much more to do still in life is stronger here than anywhere else. That’s why i would like to believe that there are many more facets of my personality, creativity, life that will reveal themselves in london.

“The art of mothering is to teach the art of living to children” – Elaine Heffner

Much as it was a sense of freedom, the dubai life also meant less time spent with timmy. I never appreciated it before but since moving to london, one big change is how much more i do with him now. We take long train rides together where we repeat the name of each upcoming station after its announced. We read all the signs we see on our bus and train journeys. We go to the park in the afternoons. Seemingly simple and obvious things for people, but something we didn’t do as much of in Dubai. Here, what started as a forced obligation is quickly turning into a way of life. Don’t get me wrong, i do miss my baby sitter and i definitely want to leave him home and go out just by myself but till such time as i can, here’s to more life lived together.

“Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” 
― Samuel Jackson

Enough said. :-0



Thoughts on leaving Dubai.