Blog refresh.

I have been away for a considerable amount of time, and though i cant cite them as excuses, my 2 boys have made it almost impossible to think, let alone write. I do want to attempt a fresh start and therefore here I am. Blog refresh. I thought I could start with a little update on what I have been up to.

Stop Press!

I have recently been asked to become a regular London contributor for an architecture portal based out of Dubai. Since I am not an architect, I will be showcasing London from a design perspective. My first post-Graphic London-is now up on the blog and this will be a series of Streetscapes.

Check it out here.

architect EM-header


Mama life.

Timmy is fast becoming an almost grown up where his statements leave me quite stunned. He is thinking, processing and expressing at a very rapid pace. Tomorrow is book day and he wants to be Sherlock Holmes, which should be interesting. Last weekend we visited Somerset House and he loved reading all the exhibition signs. He has discovered Enid Blyton’s Mr Meddle and Mr Twiddle series and finds them both utterly fascinating.

unnamed (3)

Kimmy is now past the 1 year mark and getting more vibrant by the second. Life with him is a crazy blur for the most part; a dizzy roller coaster where we bounce from one mad moment to the next. He adores Timmy and follows him around. The passion for Thomas and friends has been passed on and we can find him sitting quietly joining all the magnetic engines into a big line. Kimmy has also discovered that bathrooms are fun places and makes a beeline everytime a door is left open by one of the unsuspecting fools. Bathtubs are filled, shower gels upturned, pots hugged and a general chaos unleashed.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Out and about

I have managed to get away for a few hours on a weekly basis almost, and that has been heavenly. Testing make up at Charlotte Tilbury’s new Covent Garden store, browsing lovely stationery at Kiki K, having solitary coffee with a book, even just sitting quietly on the train to Waterloo, all have kept me sane.

vignette 1

vignette 2 copy.jpg

Weekend plans.

Saturday is going to very exciting. Design Junction is hosting a first ever huge design and furniture sample sale this weekend. I have bought my tickets and I cant wait to snag some bargains. I will also be covering the sale for ArchitectEM, so do take a look once the post is up. You can also follow me on instagram to see whats going on.

sample sale

Image via Sample Sale website here.

Blog refresh.