summer lovin’

We tend to get so engrossed in doing absolutely nothing of any supreme importance, that we stop looking around us at the sky slowly turning into grey, giving his lover, monsoon, a chance to emerge in all her beauty. We forget to stop and just breathe, and make something magical out of the long hot summer days. Here’s something I saw on a friend’s site. What are the things I WILL try and accomplish this summer?

I will sing and dance in the rain at least once, forgetting my dislike of icky wet clothes.

I will continue this summer project started by my friend

I will do a planned photo shoot

I will take the weekend off after the weddings and go to isloo

I will enjoy the wedding season to the max, and dance away-I only live once

I will spend at least 2 rainy afternoons just sitting in my room with tea and the book of the moment

I will make as many plans as I can with my lovely friends

I will continue my yoga

I will make Kaldi a hangout place 😉

I will think of how many ways I am more at peace in my single status vs married friends

I will count my blessings

I will try in my own little way to make people think, or question, or express.

I will pray more

I will express myself in some form or the other to make a statement on Karachi

I will soak in family fun this summer

I will start planning my dubai trip

I will do lots more, but for now, why dont you guys tell me what you will do? or will not in meens’ case 🙂

summer lovin’

Of Kaldi

Today I found a simple truth. A comfortable sofa, deliciously comforting coffee, and just-be-friends, are the things I need for my own brand of sunshine. All the mundane details faded with life present only in that seating formation, between us. In half an hour, we had re-energized, washed the dust off our tired minds, and soaked in the warmth of each other’s karma. Hazelnut, Irish crème, Mocha, each karma distinct and equally swirling with creamy froth.

Of Kaldi