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WOW-its done. The launch went really well. The evening was so different, that at one point i actually felt i was the odd one out, a desi caught in the middle of all those europeans. I didnt know we had so many of them-but each very sweet and very friendly. It was refreshingly interesting. I met one absolutely gorgeous britisher from islamabad-he was incredibly cute. Met the italian consul general and his wife who was a sweetheart.

It was such an unreal feeling being in karachi, with something so major happening, and i was there but my friends werent. It was a little incomplete not seeing those familiar faces when i turned around-a few reassuring looks, a few recognizable expressions of support. I missed them all.

On the bright side, we have a new place to frequent and call our own and tomorrow when we go out for coffee, we can actually say, hey where should we go, espresso or costa?


cheries in a bowl

a discussion started today at work between my partner (business) and i-she asked me why i never write anything related to our work on my blog. That got me thinking-would i be perfectly happy making post2am too work work? We came to the conclusion that some of the events of each day at the cherry bowl are too entertaining/dramatic to not have a blog-result?

Amna (my partner) and i will both be posting-

Should be a fun, juicy ride 🙂

cheries in a bowl

i’m IT

jammie tagged me-so here we go.

5 years ago: I had just returned from 6 months of soul searching & getting over a guy.

1 year ago: I still existed in a false world where I was clinging desperately to something which had ceased to be a long time ago.

5 songs i know all the words to: dosti by nazia zoheb, neele neele ambar, with or without you, keh dena, she,

5 snacks i enjoy: dangerously cheesy cheetos, red pringles, plain butter cookies, meethay pooray, vanilla cake,

5 things I’d do with a million dollars: buy a beach house, a penthouse apartment, an audi tt, go on a long holiday all over europe, start a program/bookshop with coffee shop/ to promote reading & writing,

5 places i would run away to: london, my office, someplace in the mountains, the beach, luxembourg,

5 things i would never wear: I don’t want to write anything here because from past experience I have learnt that all horrible things come back in fashion and I love them J though a chunky plastic necklace is a sure thing-also a pointy bra (madonna style)

5 favourite TV shows: sex & the city, friends, 24, desperate housewives, star trek

5 greatest joys: toast and tea, rainy afternoon reading harry potter, punjabi music, my nephew miks, travelling alone to london,

5 favourite toys:
my lappie, my studio, my day & night reversible dress doll, my nephew miks, digital camera,

i tag meeeenaaaaa, ali alam,

i’m IT