Pick Me Up: Graphic Arts Festival


Having recently realized, again, how little i wanted to be known as a ‘graphic designer’ I was curious to see if i would stick to this stance in the face of some great graphic and illustrative work, by people who very wholeheartedly were graphic designers and proud of it. Pick Me Up turned out to be a suitable litmus test. Held at the Somerset House, it featured ‘the most exciting international talent from the wonderfully diverse field of graphic design arts’. 

The very first thing that struck me was the familiarity. Graphic designers everywhere seem to exude a particular vibe which creates palpable energy all around them. You could immediately sense that urgent, passionate need to create design that followed a premise, allowed a discourse or just looked design-rule-book good. I was temporarily transported to college with all its beloved craziness. Yes we have been up all night but by jove we love it! I am happy to report the collection of work for the most part was fresh. 

I want to talk about one artist in particular. Helsinki based designer and illustrator Linda Linko stole my heart. Her work was intuitive and child like in its basic simplicity. There was nothing premeditated in her style and i loved that. Her illustration has been featured in Elle UK, in windows of European retail stores, and in many international publications. She was a heartening reminder that graphic design doesnt have to be limited by anyone’s established boundaries. Create from the heart. The impact will definitely be felt. 

Meanwhile, I have come to the conclusion that though graphic design will continue to be the core of anything I undertake, I need the venture to be bigger than just design. How, where, why: That’s a story for another day. 

Essential Mentions: Handsome Frank, Hey Design Studio



Pick Me Up: Graphic Arts Festival