Inspired Tuesdays: Whats your type?

Today is a day for letters. Bold and beautiful. Slanty and elegant. Crisp and clean. Here we go.

Playtype is an online type foundry established by the Copenhagen-based design agency, e-Types. “Playtype embodies a commitment to craft, design and excellence in every aspect of type design — from finials to ascenders, serifs to hairlines.”

That’s not it. They decided it wasn’t enough for designers to be super thrilled about font, it wasn’t okay for just type designers to be over the moon with a visually satisfying letter, every person out there needed to feel the buzz, sense the excitement and experience the awe-inspiring sensation when looking at a well designed type poster or print. The Online store was born.

As a physical manifestation, they also opened a Playtype concept store in Copenhagen selling type based mugs, posters and other wares to people walking by, arrested by a beautiful B or struck by a magnificent G. I couldn’t help but marvel at the idea. Accessible type. A type for all persons. As you like it type. I love what one of their designers says- ‘We spend hours on the correct curvature of a ‘C’ or the appropriate amount of space around an ‘A’.’— Jonas Hecksher, Font Designer

If that wasn’t visually overwhelming enough, lets go into the second inspiration for today.

Herb Lubalin

The designer of the font Avant Garde, he was an american graphic designer living in the 60s/70s, and was responsible for many publications which became legendary for their use of type and design. He spent a better part of his career trying to educate people on how to use his font avant garde, which he thought was quite misinterpreted.

A well-written biography here says ‘In our design schools today, they define rules of design and teach working procedures. But what they cannot teach is a feeling for inventiveness, a dedication to perfection, and how to remain alert to the sudden excitement of a better idea. Lubalin owns these unique traits. His eye and his ear are unerring. His designs hit the bull’s eye of a target with that deceptive ease that only the true professional can command, and he has an uncanny sense for the impact of words. His is a dexterity that combines humor with an absolute mastery of subtle details creating a new legibility, a new logic, and a new elegance in mass communication.’

Craig ward.

Just found his work recently while browsing and i am really loving his imaginative use of type. His website is aptly titled, words are pictures.

Happy Inspirational Wednesday.


Inspired Tuesdays: Whats your type?