art for a cause?

Browsing the net, i came across a series of posters various artists/designers/visualizers had designed after september 11th-it was their rendition of the disaster. The posters were sold on various websites to raise money. A simple idea and very effective.

A friend and i met yesterday-we discussed how the design community in karachi keeps growing exponentially but as a voice and as a group they dont have an identity. Individually there is talk about how to make a difference, the power of our profession, and also great dialogue on us being the change-makers, the inspiration-seekers etc, but no coming together of these great ideas and minds.

I am to blame as much as the next person-i expound great theories but dont act upon them. I am all words sometimes and no action. Why do we always wait for the person next to us to initiate something?

Coming back to the point, i came across a series of posters and thought-why cant we do that a a group of artists? Each one designs a poster, print, painting for pakistan/karachi muzaffarabad/any city of pakistan, and then the posters are sold. I agree that this idea wont result in immediate raising of funds, but it could do wonders for the disharmony present in the conceptualizers of this country-that being us, the designers of a better world.

art for a cause?


i dont remember any other moment of such pride in being pakistani as the moment i entered the PAF museum. Stunned. I was. Spirited. People were. as we drove in, the 2 km driveway was full of cars-young boys, families, school girls, teenagers, all heading to help in whatever way they could. I seriously think there were more people than the biggest musical concert, the largest entertainment gala.

Inside the field, someone had organized the goods being donated into medicine, blood, kafans, food, blankets, etc and all the while we were there, the constant stream of trucks brining in rice, cartons of water, medicine, blankets, tents, did not let up. Karachiittes had opened up their hearts and their homes, and whatever they had they were prepared to give. More than the trucks what was really inspirational to see were the aged couples walking in bringing 3 water bottles, a few sheets, some biscuit packets-whatever they could afford-and helping in distributing it all.

The first public gathering of its kind where mullah-types, trousers-clad girls, rowdy young boys etc were all working together without judgement, without any catcalls, where girls had flung their dupattas off to really get to work without caring about the looks. It was brilliant and i wanted to bottle the spirit present in the air.



All Mobilink and Ufone users – SMS the word Donate to 436. Rs.3 will be deducted from your balance and given towards the relief fund.

Donations can be deposited in any branch of UBL in Pakistan giving following details.
Account Title MKRF – Pakistan Earthquake Relief Fund
Bank Name United Bank Limited
Account No. 0102598-5
Branch Code 1234
Branch Name Al-Rehman
BranchBranch Address I. I. Chundrigar Road, Karachi , Pakistan

For international telegraphic transfer from any bank abroad also indicate
Swift Code U N I L P K KA
To contribute via PayPal – click here: Help Pakistan

Contact the following organizations:
Edhi FoundationKarachi – 021-2201261Lahore – 042 – 5414211
Islamabad – 051 – 2827844
Multan – 061 – 4583906 / 4549938
Quetta – 081 – 2830832 / 2830861
Fatamid FoundationDr. Sagher – 021-2225285 / 0300 – 9210647
Ansar Burney Welfare TrustSarim Burney – 0300 – 8243459 / 0301 – 8243459

Rotaract Club 3270
Lahore:Natash Ali Mian – 0300 – 9464209
Farooq Abdul Qadir – 0333 – 4227114
Karachi: Ali Hafeez – 0333 – 2298048

National Academy of Youth Trust
Mrs. Samina – 0333 – 3114726
Khidmat – e – Khalq FoundationKarachi – 021 – 6328464
Al Khidmat Foundation Lahore – 042 – 5433038
Islamabad – 051 – 2277343 / 2877933

UnicefInternational Red CrossMensa Pakistan Disaster Relief FundSA Tribune: Sending donations if you live abroadLahore University of Management Sciences’ Charity Drive

The Karachi Metblog and Lahore Metblog are posting news updates and details of charity drives constantly.


relief funds

The Indus Valley Alumni Association is also collecting funds, tents, blankets/warm clothing etc to send to the affected areas.

If anyone wants to contribute, or knows any indicidual, organizationg, company, who would like to, pls let me know.

relief funds

lets start giving-how & where.

Places to give money/non-perishable items.

PAF museum, Karsaz rd-Initiative taken by Fakhr-e-Alam. Already people have proved their generosity by giving enough to fill 12 C-130s. VOLUNTEERS needed here.

Agha’s-A relief fund stall has been set up.

Hassan Sq-A relief fund stall has been set up.

Geo Mir Khalil-ur-rehman foundation-rom 2pm to 4 pm sunday geo is hosting a telethon to collect donations. You can also deposit money in UBL account no. 01021598-5

Will post more places as i know.

lets start giving-how & where.