Quiet and peace. (Late posting)

Here I am. 29 weeks. The baby app reminds me that I have 11 weeks to go which is a sudden jolt of urgency. 11 weeks less than 3 months.
Here I am. Sitting in Starbucks enjoying my festive red cup of white mocha. It is quiet inside my head, and the babble of voices around me can’t break that bubble of peaceful silence.
Here I am. Alone; which now denotes such loveliness. None of that sense of depression or pity that it denoted in younger years. Alone is oh so lovely.
Here I am. Christmas soundtrack plays in the background, with the lights of the Christmas tree flickering, glowing.
Here I am. In glorious London. A city designed to inspire, propel, excite. If I walk out into kings road I will be greeting by the buzz of snazzy restaurants, bistros, fashionable London ladies rushing past, heels clacking on the pavement. Always somewhere to be.
Here I am. A 4 year old at home. Waiting for my husband to join me. Reclaiming myself for just a short while, reading a book, writing this, and that is quite enough for now.
Here I am. Happy. Calm. Peaceful. A train ride between me and the noise.
Rudolf plays on the radio.

Quiet and peace. (Late posting)

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