Hold that thought.

I heard about a young death today. Sudden. Unexpected. Unbelievable.
Family left wondering what happened and why. As we grow older and therefore wiser, how much of our life is spent doing things we truly want to do, spent with people we absolutely want to be with? If we were to suddenly stop living tomorrow, what would our regrets be? Actually no, more importantly and more frighteningly, if the person we think we can’t live without was to suddenly stop living tomorrow, what would we want to change?

I feel almost unable to breathe thinking of that eventuality. Makes me want to stop this stupid mundane cycle of trivialities we all fall into and really start focusing on my people, my life and theirs. It also makes me want to pass a declaration. The people I love are the people I love- regardless of the issues, the fights, the disagreements, the personality clashes, the moments of misunderstanding. I want to be done with the questioning or the analysis. These are the people and they mean the world to me. That is all that matters after 30 odd years of my life. They have all proven themselves at different times and that is more than what a lot of people have.

In these strange times, when young people are dying suddenly, or falling ill unexpectedly, I want to be thankful for each regular healthy day that I am blessed with. Life truly is too short, cliche or not, and we can’t take it for granted for a second. Take those holidays, party with your girls, love your husband to bits, unabashedly, over protect your kids till you can, cherish your parents, love their eccentricities and remember none of these special people will come back. Now is what you have.

Hold that thought.

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