Stop thinking. Start doing.



Over the weekend I went to yet another successful and brilliant venture by Jamie Oliver, Recipease. You see it as you walk out of Notting Hill stAtion and head towards Portobello and it’s beautiful. Through the big windows you get a glimpse of the warm glow of pendant lights, fresh baking, bottles of jam stacked along with cookie mixes and people laughing over their delectable entrees. You walk in and the glow is there larger than before. Happy chefs and servers man carts full of bakery delights and other yummy treats you can buy, while big chalkboards announce the different recipes you can master by signing up for Jamie style cooking lessons.

Another restaurant, another concept, another resounding success. It feels right so you know it would elicit the same response from anyone and everyone.

It really made me think and I realized that was the problem. More thoughts, more acknowledged brilliance, more amazing entrepreneurs to be inspired by: no action. What is the difference that makes people like Jamie jump into venture after venture seemingly without too much overthought and some stop, question, second guess and procrastinate? Is it an urgency? A need to make something because you actually need to, and not because you have the luxury of wanting to? Or is it more than that ? What can we do differently to be more jamie and less, well, us?

The right idea, consistency, action, believing in your idea, working working working, and possessing the drive to perform, achieve, become something; when all these things come together great things happen.

Needless to say there are ways to go for that magic to happen, but till then lets blog!

Stop thinking. Start doing.

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