Fate and it’s little jokes.

I came across a term while reading ‘life after life’ – Amor Fati. The dictionary describes it as the ability to accept your fate happily. Whatever that may be. Seems simple enough. Yet when going through life’s tests and particularly trying times, we find ourselves unable to offer up any acceptance. I like to believe that my faith is strong, that I stay calm in the face of hardship because I know this too shall pass and more importantly there is a reason for the madness which will magically reveal itself once it’s all over. Somehow it’s so much easier when you are the one being tested, but when those around you, the people you love, constantly seem to be grappling with one horrible stressful event after the other, and you are helpless because it’s not your torch to bear and you can’t will it away that’s the time of true inner turmoil. That’s when Amor Fati seems a little bit of a farce.

Fate and it’s little jokes.

One thought on “Fate and it’s little jokes.

  1. It’s a concept that Nietzsche has mentioned often in his work and I have always subscribed to living that way. Or atleast attempting to. I think I agree with you that it is RELATIVELY easier when you are being tested than watching those you love go through it. But this is their process, and the best shall magically appear in due time, so maybe our role in it is limited to bringing that perspective of amor fati to them?

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