15 things i have been thinking about lately

  1. Motherhood by design : Does the wisdom that comes with being a mother, make me a more intuitive designer? Does it allow me to be more efficient with my time and therefore a more creative problem solver? Am I evolving as a designer/thinker or am I losing touch with the design world? Can I ever be as hungry, as foolish, as cut throat as the fresh graduates? Do I want to be?
  2. The future of work: Getting married, moving  to a new country, having a baby, not being able to leave your baby with a sitter fulltime, moving to another new country, not having any childcare, has left me a little stranded. Does this mean I will always be a few steps behind the non-mothers and other clear headed full timers? Or is this just a phase which will lead to more substantial meaningful work?
  3. Prada, Proenza and more: Being in London means being in a constant conversation with my fashionable and designer savvy alter ego. There is so much happening in the fashion world right now, that I can’t help but wonder what to pair with that crazy catty pop print, or where to find on-trend but not too pricey leather sliders, or if those colour crazy acetate sunnies will work for me.
  4. The age of age? As I see my parents getting older, I see all the issues that come with that age. The loss of control, the feeling that you aren’t as relevant, falling ill, having your spouse fall ill. This has made me very conscious of getting older and therefore more urgent about making the most of the good healthy times.
  5. Who are you? Here’s the thing that has become clear to me now. I spent the last 30 odd years investing in people and out of those the few that have stuck around are here for good. Nothing that happens in my life has much relevance until shared with those people.  It has to be witnessed, discussed, analysed, commented upon, or sometimes just voiced, for it to become real.  These relationships are my strength.  The others that have fallen by the wayside were not meant to be and I have no time to run after them.
  6. Mental Blog: There was a time when writing was very much a part of my day. Yearly journals filled with the self-important prattle of my teenage angst turned into the very conscious sober tone of my twenties which then led to the very scrutinized public blogging voice of my thirties. In the last few years-motherhood not being an excuse-I seem to have lost touch with my anais nin. I desperately want that easy word flow to return but it seems like I will have to work much harder to win it back.
  7. Superficial but oh so giddy me: Its been almost 9 months since I left Dubai, and though this time is usually enough to develop a whole new being, it hasn’t quite worked for me. Though I am excited by London, I sometimes find myself yearning for the easy, what’s tonight’s plan, lets stay out till 3 am without the baby, casual coffee with friends, formal dinners with friends, life that was Dubai. My frivolous fun self: where art thou?
  8. Two heads are better than one: Life is too short to spend doing specifically what you thought your career / expertise was. Everything is so inter-connected that to think of something a designer cant attempt is becoming quite impossible. Design really is everywhere and by virtue of that, I really can be everywhere. I definitely don’t want to be limited by the classic interpretation of graphic design. I want to work with people from other disciplines and see where that takes us. I want to collaborate and create much more. I want to extend my design into other areas. Design is taking over the world, let me be there for it.
  9. Lights, Camera, Click: My biggest regret, to sound very predictable and scrapbook, is not pursuing photography properly. It is still the one thing that comes very naturally to me and I know I could be brilliant if I would give it the time and give myself the extra knowledge.
  10. Trains, Trains and more trains: Train timings, train routes, train apps, national rail, underground, tram, overground, delays on the District line, signal failure on the Piccadilly line, stroller friendly stations, stops with clean bathrooms, peak, off peak, top up top up top up! All in a day’s work in London.
  11. The twosome: I find myself contemplating the concept of marriage and its ever-changing fickle nature. Is it ever constant? How much does the ordinary take away from our relationship? How little is left after children, stress, parents, changing dreams and individual challenges? How much should we try to keep the spark burning? How little can we get by with? The questions need constant thought. The quest continues.
  12. There’s a Jamie in each of us:  Lets cook up a storm.
  13. Childhood years: The older you get, the clearer your childhood memories become. Those smells, the afternoons spent playing in the sun, the sounds of the 9 oclock news signaling almost bedtime, the chaotic life in a joint family house, adventures to be had with cousins, the comfort of grandparents, it all seems like it was yesterday. I miss those days quite vehemently sometimes, especially because I would love to be able to give all that to my son.
  14. The power of bhangra, family weddings, punjabi songs, dancing without reason or thought, mindless fun, crazy hysterical laughter, and late night tea sessions.
  15. The Tv! Since I don’t have one these days.


15 things i have been thinking about lately

One thought on “15 things i have been thinking about lately

  1. I love how interrelated all of this is to each other. Most of it having to do with growing up. As a young adult, I assume growing up is just limited till my 30’s and then there won’t be no more growing up. But your blog post makes me think that do we every stop growing up, even as grown up?

    I hope everything works out for you!

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