Renegade Craft Fair London 2013


The much-awaited Renegade Craft Fair has come and gone but the flurry of excitement remains. Inspired and creatively overwhelmed design-types left the lovely warehouse-style old truman brewery, almost tripping over each other in their daze, clutching their craft bags filled with goodies. I was one of the blessed few, who after marking their calendar months in advance finally made it there.

The thing that fascinated me the most i think was how similar craft trends are the world over. Most of the stuff i saw was familiar though still lovely of course. It was heartening to note that though sitting at home, browsing online and aspiring to be as creative as some of the bloggers/crafters/designers/makers, we tend to feel a little out of our depth, being there felt absolutely right and very comfortable. It goes to show that we frequently over estimate others and definitely put ourselves down. This was the natural habitat of crafty designers, we do think in a similar fashion, and the only thing stopping us from being there is us.

Having recently moved to london, i was curious to see the design body in a new city, and though this wasn’t the mainstream designers circuit, it was thrilling to see people doing what they do, and somehow be a part of it, but IN LONDON. It was a little daunting because i realized that here there really is no excuse not to create. There is no lame reason to fall back on. The air is charged, the energy is zingy, the right atmosphere is all around and the time to do is now.

renegade copy

Some of the brands i particularly enjoyed, were Scout Editions, The Wit Shop, The Compartment Store, Dyfoldanc and Running with Scissors.


(some of the product shots are taken from the related brand sites-instagram shots, visiting cards, notebooks are by me)

Renegade Craft Fair London 2013

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