23.10.11: my pessimism

More often than not I manage to find something positive in any given scenario but there are moments when I have felt that things are beyond hope. These are thankfully quickly passing clouds which appear suddenly but don’t really stay.

These phases don’t necessarily come from negativity but from a deep-rooted fear. A fear that things won’t turn out the way I want them to, and I will be a helpless bystander in my own life. Completely irrational though this behaviour may be I find myself getting sucked into this whirl of pessimism. I question my purpose, my direction, my diligence or lack of, and constantly worry I am not doing enough. This leads to a point of hyperventilating from where I have to safely but surely be guided back into normalcy.

It is easy to doubt outcomes and worry about the future. It is simply too easy to look at the degeneration around us and believe the absolute worst. We have to surround ourselves with people who will always be there holding a glass half full of water waiting for us to take a few sips and recover our usual positive outlook, and not with people who feed off us and encourage a sense of despair, who are more upset than us, more reactionary, and definitely more negative than us.

23.10.11: my pessimism

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