12.10.11- Unfinished Business

I never really subscribed to the theory that each chapter of your life must have a comprehensive end before the next one starts. I can easily keep a part of my story on hold knowing i will eventually come back to it and give it the right end it deserves, but till i can do that, it stays slightly unfinished. You know how it is. Sometimes you meet someone and though nothing really happens, you somehow just know you aren’t done with them, and lo and behold a few years later they come waltzing back in. You spend a few years working on a particular project/profession/style and it has to end because the time just isnt right, but who’s to say you wont be able to pick that up later in life and continue where you left off? It can become one of your sinfully illicit affairs-sitting and day dreaming about it, imagining, wondering, and just getting really excited playing out your reunion.

For me this theory has to hold, because one of the things which gives me a huge kick, actually gets really me excited, is something i feel i haven’t done justice to. I need to believe that i am not done with that and it is in fact unfinished business.

12.10.11- Unfinished Business

2 thoughts on “12.10.11- Unfinished Business

  1. Very few people like to leave unfinished business and come back to it, but I am one of them. I often have several projects pending then return to one I started months or years ago. Sometimes my enthusiasm is in another area for awhile, then I get great ideas from that project and bring them to one I put on hold for awhile.

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