10th October: Favourite Room / Space

Predictable i suppose but its true, my favourite place in the house right now is the living area. It’s where i am always surrounded by things i love, people i love and i think i have all my means of enjoyment right there. It is also the room which has been given the most amount of loving attention. being design people we are so particular about the visual impression people get of our space that its almost crucial for us to have it looking just so.

My day usually begins on the big brown sofa where i sit with my feet up and enjoy my morning cup of tea and a lovely buttered toast. I could watch tv but more often than not now i find i want silence and a book or my latest toy, the ipad. Catch up on the twitter world or read blogs. If i havent managed to wake up before my little Tim, then silence is out and noise, baby tv and lots of toys are in.

What i love most are the big open windows which mean a lot of light during the day and at night you can turn off your lights and enjoy looking at other people’s windows, imagine their life, try to see what their rooms look like and just observe. My husband’s fascination in this room is with the view which looks down on the swimming pool. needless to say he can be entertained endlessly by the variety of people splashing in and out of the pool.

In my last home, my absolutely favourite room was my bedroom because i had just 2 rooms and going into the bedroom, closing the door meant shutting out the world and it felt so wonderfully comforting to be inside with the lamp on reading or watching tv. Here the bedroom is off limits so much because of Tim’s sleeping habits, that it no longer evokes that same feeling.

This is also the area Sam and i actually get to hang out and relax, talk loudly or just sit in agreeable silence. while i cook he keeps me company sometimes and the evening seems well-spent. With or without people in it, this room is definitely mine.

10th October: Favourite Room / Space

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