03.10.11 Something Old Something New

For me, my morning tea is a sacred ritual. i want peace, i want quiet and i want to sit and enjoy that morning cup with a good book or one of the tv shows i happen to be following at the time. many people have scoffed this practice and secretly hoped that they would see my ritual fall flat on its face once a baby came along.

Well, to be perfectly honest, it was an adjustment. i had to tip toe around in my mad morning state, hair standing up, rubbing my eyes, just to make sure i had my breakfast before the baby woke up. it was a stressful few months for me before i realized that the ritual needed a makeover. it had to evolve into a tradition that would work for me and the baby without making me completely cranky. i decided to wake up calmly with the baby, give him what he needed and then settle down for my time which though wasnt as peaceful, was infinitely more colourful and eventful.




03.10.11 Something Old Something New

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