The Ostrich and the Bohemian

We have talked about this collaboration for so long, but somehow the timing never seemed to work in our favour. Between babies, moves, work and general busy-ness this kept getting pushed back. Now finally it has fallen into place. The Ostrich and the Bohemian have arrived. “We have lots of ideas and projects-some original, some inspired and others still in the process of being. We are looking for our design legacy, one creative shenanigan at a time. ” Welcome to the O&B.

Our first project “Journal Jars” has begun. Our jars of topics are ready and the first post has been decided. It will not be easy writing a post a day, it will be trying, exhausting, annoying and late at night we will wonder why we kept such rigid deadlines, but ultimately it will be an exhilarating october. To follow our progress and to be a part of our journal jar project, go here

Happy Journaling!




The Ostrich and the Bohemian

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