2.10.11- Best Friends Plan Ever

here’s the thing about plans. they seldom work out as you want them to. you plan, scheme, organize, coordinate, talk, decide and still there is a good chance that things may fall flat at the last minute. you could all be there but somehow the conversation just doesnt flow, or someone just isnt able to relax therefore holding the evening hostage. you keep attempting the perfect evening every weekend and many a times it remains elusive.

coming into your thirties you do realize that you arent looking for the next best party, or the greatest social event that weekend. you are looking for that magical connection with a few friends who you can call your people. with them you can be at McDonald’s drinking weak coffee, or at a friend’s house without electricity having pasta and coke, gossiping loudly in the balcony. wherever you are is where you need to be.

which as it turned out can really be just about anywhere.

it started raining one august morning. it rained cats, it rained dogs, it rained the entire animal kingdom. there was the infamous knee-deep water at nursery, cars were floating, people were stuck for hours, and it seemed like the entire city was at a standstill. i got a call from one of my friends who was my usual partner-in-crime, waxing lyrical about the rains, the suhana-ness of it all and the injustice of being separated by a bridge. Such was our madness, that we calmly rationalized the flooding and torrential rains and decided it really couldnt be as bad as the news channels were reporting. Not so bad that we couldn’t have a quick cup of coffee. We made the relevant phone calls, reeled off our inspired speech about seizing the day, adventure, passing moments et al. and before anyone could say aye mausam rangeeley we were in cars speeding off to the newly opened Cafe Coffee Day. Well, okay speeding off is not strictly true. Sputtering off is more accurate. In a grand 80 minutes or so we arrived.

that evening we spent very little time together but somehow it was an intensely alive couple of hours. gusts of wind with slapping rain, flickering light, a cafe full of people with wet hair, gleaming eyes, a sense of togetherness, and us. We had just started evolving, becoming adults with responsibilities. one of us was mother to a 4 month old, one to a 7 day old , there was a 5 year old married couple and i was recently engaged. Our lives were moving in different directions and we feared we would lose “us”. that rainy afternoon reminded us that to be you, all that was needed was an afternoon with friends who “got” you, all the exciting new developments in our lives seemed insipid if not shared, and celebrated. those hours at Cafe Coffee Day, spirits were high and we all seemed to shine. we were all the best versions of ourselves, sparks were flying and the air was crackling with wit and humour. though there had been no planning, organizing or deciding, this sudden friends’ affair turned out to be one of the most satisfying weekend adventures we ever had.


2.10.11- Best Friends Plan Ever

3 thoughts on “2.10.11- Best Friends Plan Ever

  1. amna majid says:

    what an adventurous day that was 🙂 i still cant forget ashar sailing his brand new civic to the door to pick charlie and all of us just running madly to our cars 🙂 and then on the way home fawads civic nearly stopped at do talwar – that was such a crazy drive back 🙂 – i miss our days.

  2. Was faaez with us? Or was it Nadi? Whoever it was was covered up in a plastic bag when we made the dash to the car. Wish we had taken pics- it was hilariously panicky.

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