food for thought.

I have been cooking a lot recently. Call it replacement therapy or dispelling restless energy, I am guilty of it. Some days I think it’s about regaining control in some little way-if you don’t know where you are going professionally, have no fear, work your way through a recipe and however temporary enjoy that accomplishment buzz. Other days I feel generously worthy enough to call it a love for creating.

On one of these days I started out with wanting to eat out. I looked up time out restaurant reviews to shortlist something delicious, I found exactly what I was hankering for- yummy Italian food at the newly opened Jamie Oliver restaurant. The idea of tasting dishes which were thought up by him was a heady one indeed, especially since time out rated it quite highly too. Vetoed by the husband for being too far, I looked elsewhere for inspiration. This site proved to be useful, though gave an impression of being a budget site because of its aesthetics.

All this browsing got me thinking. All those evenings in Karachi when we would fail to make a decision on where to go, or come up with a new place to try a food review website would have been really helpful. We always knew where to go to find numbers of restaurants and look up addresses-karachisnob of course-but never really found honest real people reviews of the food. A sort of tripadvisor for food. A one stop place to read reviews, to find out food deals, to decide on a restaurant based on its location or its menu, maybe to see what its famous for.  I did some more research and found a website about to launch which may be looking to do exactly that. Food connection Pakistan. They claim to have in depth reviews, food blogs, hot deals and item-based search, so if sinful dessert is what you need they say they can give you the top10 places that will provide you exactly that. Something to watch out for?

I would suggest they take a look at some of the international sites like this one. I particularly like the points based system on this. Given that everyone is out to save these days, deals, coupons, discounts are all the rage and definitely something worth looking into for these new entrants.

As for me, its back to my trusty companions for some inspiration.

food for thought.

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