by james- i think i’ve got it.

i’ve got the love bug. i’m in love with james martin. i know he doesnt have that rough attractiveness of jamie oliver, nor the sexiness of nigella lawson, but he is just the cutest thing i ever saw. he talks so sweetly, and his desserts just leave me weak at the knees- deliciously simple, simply delectable, and all available online.

after 3 back to back episodes of sweet baby james- (that really is the name of the program, honest) i went rummaging in my fridge to find anything close to a blackberry delice or a lemon curd syllabub, but sadly i was all out of my james ingredients.  i thought about making a trek to the supermarket, but the husband made an appearance right then with the usual question- what’s cooking honey? and in not-so-sweet terms- sigh sweet baby james, where are you?

in the end i made pan-fried salmon with potato and rocket mash~ as you can see in the picture. turned out pretty good, but my craving for sweet baby james is still pretty alive and kicking.

toblerone maybe?

by james- i think i’ve got it.

One thought on “by james- i think i’ve got it.

  1. Mehreen Kasana says:

    This post made me my tummy rumble and grumble like no other. 😡

    Food FTW! And guys who can cook? Sexiest men alive.

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