looking back at 2009~in pictures july to december


brother's wedding & the fun that goes with it
festivities with family
absolutely amazing spending time with the cutest family member
dressing up, stepping out, the heat is on
at the end of an evening ~indulging with coffee with chocs


finally, the fascination for holland tunnel dawns upon me
in the midst of hustling bustling times square there is privacy
falling in love with manhattan in manhattan


rediscovering old friends


more family wedding~more family action on and off the field
the beauty and magic of mehndis
dancing away to our own tune


big day for sis~ mint at fashion week
catching up with sisters is just the best thing ever
relaxed breakfasts, photo moments & me being absolutely me
friday breakfasts in bed


december dinners, hanging with friends, entertaining at home

wintery weather & our favourite view
participating in a group show~alumni art collective
design high!
being new in a new place ~karaoke and fancy dress up
santa clausing
finally flowers make a steady appearance and the year ends
looking back at 2009~in pictures july to december

9 thoughts on “looking back at 2009~in pictures july to december

  1. meyum says:

    jam asked me a couple of days back who i relate to the most blog wise, no one i said, because everyone around me literally is in a different phase, ,married with children almost all of them. so anyway, having said that i realized i relate to your blog the most, in a positive way. The freedom in your writing, the pictures, it all makes sense to me like nothing else does:)

  2. meenay says:

    mariam,you should definitely post/write more often .Your posts are like a breath of fresh air..truly amazing! keep up the good work and please post more often.

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