looking back at 2009~in pictures january to june

I saw this on penelope’s blog and thought it was a much needed idea. I have been very confused about 2009. What was it? How do i describe it? It was a year which i will always call the year of transition, perhaps it had changes which i still dont fully understand. Trying to write about it, didnt bear much fruit, so here is an attempt to illustrate it in images and maybe that will help in charting the path for 2010.


arriving in dubai, our first look at the area which would become home
one of the many cups of coffee we grabbed while apartment hunting
without a home, we practised food courting
and then finally, keys to a place to call our own


first visit back home, the pleasure of familiar faces
back in dubai, exploring it


developing our comfort zones, this would soon be our daily walk
discovering new recipes, trying out different cuisines
something as simple as an invite to a gallery opening makes you feel at so much at home
the start of friendtrips


the delights of setting up cozy corners
the rush of chance encounters- pedicure with a friend turns into an impromptu plan for an evening of musical drama
college friends, memories, and all that's happened


our first road trip to fujairah
lunches with siblings
mommy mommy-
raw life it is for sure


looking back at 2009~in pictures january to june

One thought on “looking back at 2009~in pictures january to june

  1. 🙂 i did not see this. was wondering why you only did half a year.
    i wonder if i can picturize my last year also? i dont know why but looking back this year seemed more important than other years!

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