just you.

As one of the group who is always slightly lagging behind the rest, there are many adjustments to be made. First spouses make an appearance and you find yourself being the single friend who everyone loves and indulges. You are so happy that love is a-flowing and couples are being made in heavan and on the earth, you celebrate with them, and melt into the couples dynamics. Then babies turn up. You have bagged a spouse but as per the course you are still lagging. Babies bring a complete change. Breakfasts with girlfriends have a whole new twist with little nodding heads attracting buckets of attention; the universal love for babies takes you by serious surprise. Dinners sometimes move to early times, and sometimes become ice cream plans. You find yourself not batting an eyelid. You find yourself going along with the wave because thats the wave your friends are on. You understand it-it’s a different phase. You’re in a different place. And that’s fine.

Then along comes an easy monday breakfast.  You are’nt expecting it, but somehow all the babies have been left at home. It’s adult entertainment, parents supervise pls, no children here- Not a One. There’s conversation without clanging pans (sorry guys you know i love them regardless hehehe) there’s laughter without distracted mommies, there’s mad content with all bodies present physically and mentally, and there is banter- BANTER i tell you, and you find yourself loving it- almost more than you should. You realize you did miss this. You did crave this. You also realize it’s okay to think that.

So mommies and daddies- i love you all. I do. I just also love you without the titles, sometimes without the offsprings, sometimes free-spirited, sometimes impractical- just as my friends 🙂

just you.

3 thoughts on “just you.

  1. as always your post leaves me wondering how you will be with multiple titles- haha- its almost schizophrenic the way sometimes one has to be one thing for one person and situation and another for another. And it takes you by surprise at how easily both come to you and so you wonder which one you truly are. The answer is both and a few more, of course. 🙂

  2. i can so relate to this post of yours…im lagging way way behind and happily so. and usually im with friends who are married [hence the hubby talk and MIL bitching in some cases] and if not they are pregnant or have one year olds and so on…sometimes i think what1!!!???? and yes i too love them all with their titles and their respective whoever s [husbands or kids] but sometimes i want to scream ” come back..be the same, dont you miss it”
    but thats just me in my ranting phase at times.
    i know life has changed for them and they are making it normal with all that and to them its the perfect picture..and maybe because im not there yet i feel this way….:)

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