key to happiness


in our 20s, we crave space constantly. our need for this intangible air governs our actions. we need space from family, from the world and sometimes we need space for ourselves-to disappear into. we think that this one thing will satisfy our search for freedom & individuality. we feel in this space we will become the people we are meant to be; by defying rules, by analysing every thought, by dreaming our castles in the air.

the 20s seem limitless.  the possibilities seem endless. we fight. we love. we believe. we cry. we survive.  all within our “space”

suddenly its time for the 30s and a new era begins. as much as we wanted empty space to fill with our own ideas, we now start craving space which is full-which is brimming with our fruit of the 20s, our loves, our fulfilled dreams, our connections, our family. we despair emptiness & we despise loneliness.

in the 30s, when we finally own the keys to our very own place, the only desire we have is for people to come fill that space.

as we move into apartment 802, it brings with itself a multitude of possiblities; waking up knowing soon i will make tea for your mom who is in the next room-waiting desperately for my family to stay so i can show them every inch of every room, knowing my sisters will love the coffee shop right below, scanning the supermarket aisles finding things which my dad will buy on his morning walks, yearning to recreate that special circle of friends just so we can entertain them in our space, in our home.

as i have learnt, space is a funny thing. i have it now and i just cant wait to fill it.

key to happiness

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