the fantasy that is.

A sense of disconnect. A disbelief. A feeling of liberation.

It’s all so simple. So very presumptious.

You step out and you start walking. Left foot right foot.

The air is not fresh but its air that hits your face and makes your hair move.

You look around and you see familiar faces. Very familiar.

But they are different. They laugh. They stroll casually or walk briskly.

A child skips away from her mother. The mother smiles and leans back.

Behind her the traffic moves just like what you know.

2 friends laden with grocery bags suddenly stop and light up.

There are those who look like they just finished a hard day of labour,

But they look light and carefree. They enjoy their jokes.

You keep walking. Looking around carefully.

Traffic here, congestion there, huge mall here, tree lined avenue there.

You love the sensation that is freedom. It’s around you.

You envy them this. Especially since you see that it’s all so easy.

You wonder. Why don’t we have this?


the fantasy that is.

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