sacred life day 4 & 5.

As we grow from childhood to responsible adult, we are taught how to look at the world. Our vision is formed by those around us, and by our own experiences. Look thats a bad thing to do-what you just did is wrong-how could you have not seen that-yes thats a good girl. We form these patterns and follow them through life. Naturally along the way, we lose our ability to question, to appreciate the mundane, to find glory in the not-so-glorious. Some of us are lucky to be surrounded by friends/family who constantly prod, and probe, and question till we are forced to re think our opinion, re do our action, re visualize our life. Others might find themselves plodding on diligently, standing by their pubescent ideals; thou shalt not, thou shalt.

What is even more fascinating is that there are always opportunities around us which allow us to change perspective and shift our way of looking at things, but mostly we seem to ignore them. Things which are a part of our daily existence have the capacity to teach us, but we choose to keep looking for the big aha moment when everything will be revealed in all its clarity. Instead of focusing on little everyday revelations, we spend our lives searching for a certain something which remains elusive.

“We tend not to value the things we do every day, but those are the things that transform the world around us.” Paulo Coelho

As i was going through the images i wanted to post for these two days, i realized that though i am proud of my “thinker” status, i too am constantly plagued by this pathetic what’s-next-what’s-now-mentality. This constant need to keep moving. I talk of appreciating the simple, but Iact out this impatience with the beauty in daily rituals. A 20 minute wait in a traffic jam with our husband/mother/friend shouldnt have us reaching for our tylenol or balm, it should calm us in the realization that this is 20 minutes of precious time where you cant do anything, your husband/mother/sister is not distracted, and joy-oh-joy all those things you had been storing to share can now be shared.

I am trying hard to fight this urge to think of the next 10 minutes and just be happy with the now ten minutes, and thats what i want to hold sacred today.




sacred life day 4 & 5.

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