my sacred life-day two

Mommy makes the world go round

what would we do without them? mommies are god’s unbelievably brilliant invention.

i always loved her, but i appreciate her so much more now that i am not living with her. she makes everything seem easy. With my hubby’s parents out of town, we are all alone in the big house of which we use just a part-when i think of sleeping there alone, i get scared-but inevitably i stop at mommy’s house after work and somehow her presence seems to reassure that the night will be fine, it will all be fine.

just say your ayat ul qursi is what she says to me – and i do.

my sacred life-day two

2 thoughts on “my sacred life-day two

  1. mariam baji u put it soo right…i live away from parents and thats how i feel at times, and i follow what my mom says too, ayatulkursi works for sure…
    alhamdolillah for such great parents.
    and its to have u back to blogging, i missed ur writings…
    and the sacred life is too g0ood an idea…i want to do it tooo!!

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