my sacred life-day one.


getting married isnt easy. as an idea it takes time to really settle in your mind. sometimes it has nothing to do with the other person in the marriage, but just to do with you. it’s all about your mad thoughts, your battle for what you think is a loss of individuality, a loss of control. at a turbulent time like this, you feel the need to surround yourself with all things comfortable, with actions which speak of familiarity, with people who knew you as you were. in the midst of this episode of lost you reach out and you find a little idea which slowly nurtures you. practising it daily makes you regain your centre. each day makes you calmer, and more settled.

for me that little something was my daily ritual of making my own tea, in my own little breakfast corner. the day could be a terrible one and i would find it melt away when i came home to this. this seemingly mundane, yet astoundingly comforting 10 minutes of the day held my hand and led me into married bliss.

this morning i needed to be on time, the night before had left its mark under my eyes, but as i crawled out of bed, opened the blinds and put the kettle on, things were seeming very good. by the time the tea was brewed and i took the first sip, i could mentally tick off all the good things that could happen today. I finished the tea slowly and then rushed to get ready, knowing that as long as those 10 minutes were mine to cherish, life was oh so fine and marriage; definitely my cup of tea.

my sacred life-day one.

2 thoughts on “my sacred life-day one.

  1. cheesoooo says:

    this project IS interesting.. my morning cuppachai is my time to take a few deep uninterrupted breaths before assignment needs to be proofred, 20 diapers changed, breakfast cooked and 6 million other things..

    mubarak on your shaadi, saw pics on jammies facebook.. :0) that light twirling everywhere in the picture above is a fun touch.. welcome baaak to blogging mariam, u were missed

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