Something sacred.

I have been feeling so disconnected with myself lately. I feel like i am not listening to myself or more aptly i am not talking to myself. The jumbled thoughts in my brain dont seem to want to come out in a coherent sequence of words which i can store in my journal or post here. More annoyingly, they dont want to help inspire me to be creative. They just want to stand blocking the doorway, frustrating me.

In an attempt to restart the channels of communication, i went blog hunting. Here’s something i found on a blog, which got me excited. i loved the idea and plan to begin from tomorrow.

The My Sacred Life Project
“…every day for at least a month I’m going to post a photo from my daily life capturing something that connects me to Spirit. It might be my altar, a candle I’m burning, my dogs, the garden, a friend, a book I’m reading, nature, something I did, someplace I went, something important to me, or, who knows, maybe just my morning bowl of Cheerios! The idea is to creatively connect with the holiness of my everyday life…”

till then-

Something sacred.

7 thoughts on “Something sacred.

  1. im not quite sure about “connecting to the holiness of my everyday spirit”- but the idea sounds like fun and yes thankoo for asking and im in…

  2. […] saw some very interesting stuff happening on Mars, Cheeky and Jammie’s blogs – they are celebrating their Sacred Lives and everyday for a month will be posting pictures from their daily life of a moment, a treasured possession, a companion […]

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