the year that goes by

6 months. 180 days. 4320 hours. 259200 minutes.
its been that long. and its been that quick.
it had moments i thought would never end, and times i didnt ever want to end.
it made me more me, though some may beg to differ.
it made a new me. though some may not agree.
in the course of 2007, july is coming to an end in 7 days.
i dont want time to fly, but sometimes-
i want it to run like the wind so i can find myself in december.
it will be different – the twosome instead of the one-
and i absolutely cant wait.

the year that goes by

One thought on “the year that goes by

  1. Uzma says:

    Those who beg to differ maybe never knew you in the first place as you are on a road that everyday teaches you who you are.

    May life bring you more reasons to smile than cry and build a bank of memories that one day you can reflect on and say ‘That was all ME’

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