Jammie tagged me

I am thinking what a wonderful world it could be
I said i think this could work
I want to dance with abandon to the cheapest indian song possible
I wish i could be as productive creatively as i aim to be
I miss the hotel suite in manila
I hear the sound of rain and i think its the best sound in the whole wide world
I wonder what my employees think about me
I regret not being more of a bitch in my past relationships
I am retarded (after 2am)
I dance with my heels off the ground
I sing along in a deep tone even when its lata singing
I cry watching even the stupidest melodramatic indian movies
I am not as composed as i like to believe i am
I write very sporadically
I confuse my youngest sister-she doesnt understand why i feel the need to jump up and dance at every possible moment
I need to start yoga again
I should stop myself from overdosing on cheese cake
I finish every book i start

Jammie tagged me

3 thoughts on “Jammie tagged me

  1. Shezalldat says:

    i love ur regret! haha! as for ur singing, atleast u sing in tune! i go wayyyy of tune! ive been known as ‘the bathroom singer’ all my life! lol

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