go on

you can have all the faith in the whole wide world, and that still doesnt save you from those moments of doubt and insecurity when it just doesnt seem like everything happens for a reason, when there is no credibility in all good things come to he who waits, and when there is absolutely nothing to stop you from becoming cynical.

in those times, you know god has a plan for you, but you dont want to acknowledge it- you want to be an irrational child, you want to throw a temper tantrum and just be a spoilt brat, and god help the supportive friend who tries to tell you it will work out.

happily i must report i dont seem to be in the above mentioned state of mind- which is why when i read this quote on a blog, i just had to post it-

“As you continue, which you will do, the way to proceed will become apparent.” ~John Cage

i like this line so much more because of its simple honesty. there is no dramatic vagueness to it. it is just so simple. just breathe-one breath at a time- walk- one step at a time- live- one day at a time- go one doing what you do- and then let the rest happen on its own.

go on

3 thoughts on “go on

  1. S@ni says:

    may b its right,it happens the same wid me..but u jus cant take ny decision or step not considering the outputs or he results that might appear….it cant b that random…that we jus decide n the ways will b marked on their own????

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