i think

maybe i am not as cool as i think- just maybe i cant resolve everything-and maybe i am too burnt to go near the fire. maybe, just maybe.

i think

6 thoughts on “i think

  1. Khizzy says:

    maybe we avoid the wrong fire because of the wrong burn!

    not trying to be profound here, but i just came to me…and then i kind of cleared it up in my head.
    wat i mean is…we avoid one thing because of a ‘hurt(?)’ from another thing…and maybe thing one isnt all that bad, but we’ve avoided it.
    and i just realized wat a hypocrite i am cuz i dont take my own advice.

  2. Anonymous says:

    our world evolves everytime we think –
    our fate is further defined – even altered when we think – your ability to question and wonder while your mind wanders gives you more power and control – not instability – robots remain artificially intelligent only because they don’t have the ability to involve maybe – “maybe” is a blessing in disguise – honor it and ALWAYS believe in yourself –

  3. ~meyum & a half~ says:

    we would like to believe that we can and there are no maybes but when “maybe” intervenes then all hell breaks loose…yet no reason why it cannot be cornered and shoved in a box and you flex your muscles and say…i can and i will.
    the cycle then start all over again.haina

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