wednesday wanderings- blogword: Two

when we were children, we played games for hours and hours- we wouldnt stop or take a break till, in fear of being caught, we would shout- two times! which would automatically signal to the gang that for those few moments, we were unapproachable- we needed time out- we had to be given space- in those moments none of the rules applied-we just took it as it came- either sat down breathing heavily, or just stood around relaxed because we knew no one could touch us. None of the gang gave us a hard time for it, no one questioned it, and absolutely no one held it against us. it was a ritual religiously followed and accepted.

Grown up now and acknowledging that the games are over, the one thing i miss is being able to stop in the middle of the worst of situations, the most horrible of binds and shout out –
TWO TIMES! and know that everyone will move back and i will be given my space to BE, for as long as i want.

wednesday wanderings- blogword: Two

6 thoughts on “wednesday wanderings- blogword: Two

  1. cheries says:

    good post!!!
    had forgotten “two times”!
    haha! how silly …yet wonderful.
    what a concept! wonder what kid initially thought of it. and what was going thru her mind… most definately a girl.

  2. Cocaine says:

    well put…if i had a penny for everytime i have wanted to scream out two times in my adult life, id have at least a months rent 😀

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