tower escapades

spent an interesting couple of hours at park towers today-

i observed-

1. 3 guys & a girl at mantra- all of 19 years old- disussing what the girl should buy- a very detailed concentrated argument ensued over which item would suit her the best- one guy thought her waist was her best feature so the shirt must show that off- the other guy disagreed saying that particular shirt looked like lingerie- to which all the guys snickered and looked even more pimply & pubescent.

2. different lives at different tables in mcdonalds- each table had a story to tell, like the man reading out headlines from the newspaper while his wife devoured her mc flurry. or like the young couple at another table shyly gazing into each other’s eyes, and coyly eating their fries & burgers. sentimental indian music set an emotional, nostalgic mood

3. 2 elderly women at maria b- holding up lawn prints close to their faces, unable to believe why maria b should a. make lawn. and b. make lawn which looked just like classic or farooq lawn.

4. a woman at liberty who at one glance i boxed, and then had to shamefacedly unbox when she spoke in perfect english to her daughter and explained the merits & demerits of the books she had chosen- and why she should pick a certain one.

i bought-from liberty

1. shantaram- gregory roberts
2. the alchemy of desire- tarun tejpal
3. open house- elizabeth berg
4. birthday stories- haruki marukumi
5. glamour

hours well spent-

tower escapades

5 thoughts on “tower escapades

  1. Khizzy says:

    i loved ur previous post.
    so much that i mailed it to some friends!
    somehow all of us can relate to it.
    atleast i could.

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