blogword of the day-

The simplest commitment is the one made in the heat of the moment- the easiest promises are those fervently spoken in a state of passion. I love you-I cant live without you-I will always be there for you-you are my best friend-you are the one for me-I will fight for you no matter what-

We say these words or hear them with our minds shut off and our hearts wide open-we need to believe in them.

Those promises which are never talked about & are a bitch to fulfil, are the ones expressed with every part of our being but not spoken in words- These are the vows our body and soul make- when our eyes zealously connect with another’s eyes and say things which we cant control- when each move we make is another statement of undying devotion-and when every time we touch its almost like another signature on the dotted line-

What we need to do is realize that where there is such a thing as keeping your word, there is also more importantly a thing known as keeping your non-words. And though the words have been witnessed by the world and therefore exist larger than life, the non-words keep growing inside us till they consume us and we fall down and hit the ground really hard and very fast-

blogword of the day-

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