observations at coffee

one windy karachi morning, having breakfast at espresso-

3 women- all in black specs, the lawn shalwar kameez-just-dropped-off-our-kids-to-montessori-types, discussing their kids, looking at a baby’s portraits done by jimmy’s studio, having omelettes & coffee.

3 women- 2 with short curly hair, one with a tight bun, discussing the concept of christ & similarities between islam & christianity-
eating waffles & croissants.

2 girls & 1 guy-the guy dressed in office casuals, the girls in 3 piece dupatta suits, carrying journals & pens (part-time teachers perhaps?) one girl discussing the possibility of the other girl and the guy hitting it off as a couple.
ordered tuna sandwiches & orange juice (isnt the tuna sandwich very dry?)

my friend and i feeling slightly un-aunty like, both wearing brown, with the same brown nokia phones from the l’amour collection, brown leather bags-discussing skin types, theatre in the city, gossip, karachi & being single-
enjoyed pancakes & omelette with cappuccino & orange juice.

the wind was wild, crazy & ruthless, no kameez left unblown, no hair stayed in place-

the pancakes were cold, but the maple syrup delicious

observations at coffee

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