redrawing of boundaries-or losing them

after a certain number of years have passed, what are the rules of the game? the game being old relationships with class fellows? How much water must pass under the bridge for the slate to be wiped clean? though the issues were childish at best, do they take on magnificent proportions in retrospect-and should they?

A school reunion of sorts has brought to mind these questions, as posed in the minds of the random variables coming together today- the groups as they existed are no more- the boundaries of the cool group and the not-so-cool group have vanished, and sufficient things have been accomplished in life by everyone to not care about the past- I still see some not willing to let go, and start afresh- i still see some wanting to desperately maintain those circles drawn years ago.

I say whats more than a decade old doesnt need re-visiting- what happened when we were not half the people we are now, should not be held onto- we should take this as a new beginning and be prepared to be completely blown away by the class nerd, and not be surprised when the cynical bitchy girl from school hugs us so hard you know she has changed-

redrawing of boundaries-or losing them

4 thoughts on “redrawing of boundaries-or losing them

  1. jammie says:

    id say even a decade is too much-0 sometimes what happened even last year is not worth revisiting or holding onto- all relative as im sure you will agree- but depends on whom we talk about. am dying to hear about this in person. 🙂

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