lights, sound, traffic!

one of my favourite things to do POST 2am is stand on the roof and just stare at the traffic on main shahra-e-faisal-its almost hypnotic. the steady buzz of the cars, trucks, whooshing by-and then exactly 3 seconds of absolute quiet when that particular patch of the road has no traffic at all, when time stands still in those 3 seconds, when the signals close in a weird combination and catch all traffic in a wash of red-leaving us with a clean empty strip of grey.

yesterday those 3 seconds were longer than i have ever seen before- instead of the sudden burst of cars which used to rush by after the silence, yesterday there was a trickle of motorbikes, an odd rickshaw and then silence again-

karachi silent is not something i can ever swallow – its almost like going against nature.

i will maintain my nightly duty willing the city to become alive again-i will wish and hope for that rush of sounds, for those cars i used to abuse when i couldnt sleep.

because like all melodramatic women, once i am out of a relationship i want back in 🙂

lights, sound, traffic!

5 thoughts on “lights, sound, traffic!

  1. Cocaine says:

    Being a little kid at the time of the Bohri Bazar Bombing in early 80s, my only memory of that event was a weird silence in the air that sent shivers down my spine walking from my neighbours house to my own place. It was like when someone is super mad and they are huffing and puffing with anger. it seems that Karachi breathes that way whenever something goes wrong. All silent with a huff and a puff of madness surrouding the residents.

  2. mars says:

    god- the bohri bazar bombings were truly awful- i emember it was summer hols- and that feeling of being inide, and not going out, the feeling of being held close to the family-everything had a weird undertone to it- scary..for me that as karachi’s worst times

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